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DOLPHINCUDA by Desert-Chimera DOLPHINCUDA :icondesert-chimera:Desert-Chimera 0 0 Tezz and the Reaper by Desert-Chimera Tezz and the Reaper :icondesert-chimera:Desert-Chimera 1 0 Astral and the Reaper 3 by Desert-Chimera Astral and the Reaper 3 :icondesert-chimera:Desert-Chimera 0 0
Resolute against the waves.
A statue, a wall,
Against all Hells.
And even against Daemons.
Thyne Daemons, indeed.
Wraiths that took.
And tore at fleshes.
Tore at myne flesh.
A last bastion,
Aem, Aewa.
But harbor Aed refuse,
all of Yae Daemons.
Myne heart is of smeltings,
Hardened by fyres.
Aem no longer,
Near as weak as Yae.
Yaev sayed twice,
"Aen need thee,"
and hold to the lie.
Yaed cling to et close.
Aem seeing truth.
Yae need not me,
Yae desire only desire,
Not myne self!
Aew refuse you!
Twas not Ae,
Who need be changed!
Twas Yae, indeed!
Aem denying of change,
Ae need you not!
Need not your hate,
Yaer scorning eyes!
Aem a fortress of oceans,
Yaer an invading horde!
Aew defend this
And Yaew fail!
And when Yae do,
Aew be still.
Myne sentries ever vigilant,
Against Yaer dying breaths.
:icondesert-chimera:Desert-Chimera 1 0
A little too Serious by Desert-Chimera A little too Serious :icondesert-chimera:Desert-Chimera 1 6
I have grown old in my heart
With so much still to learn
And with hope still on call
It must be silly
To believe in magic at all.
I find myself in these years
Looking to the night sky
And in wonder I imagine
That there are still worlds untouched
And stories of places I've been.
Worlds of enchantment and beauty
Where innocence still reigns
Over hearts so pure and clean
Places where flowers bloom
Where the trees hold their regime.
Places where caves are full of bats
And adventures are still to be had
Lands undiscovered by mortal men
And ruins of races long past
Supposedly never to be seen again.
Imagining all this
and how lonely it would be
Companions can be found in the forest
Who will comfort and guide your way
through lowlands at their darkest.
Through the magic of the land
And the purity of heart
A journey can be had
too fantastic to be described
Except to the imaginative or mad.
A world all my own
But shared by my friends
Dragons, and wolves and badgers abound
And my friends,
:icondesert-chimera:Desert-Chimera 2 0
In the Darkness
In the Darkness
Deep in the Darkness
Far underground
There are creatures down there
with emotions abound.
The monsters of your nightmares
Those things you can't forget
The ones living under your beds
Creatures you've never met
With glowy eyes set in sunken skulls
Skin black as midnight cloth
White light shines from within
They can draw one in like a moth.
Yet even creatures dark and mean
Slithering in your wake
Feel the pull of heartstrings oh so pure,
And fall in love for give and take.
One with jagged teeth
And one with a curv-ed smile
Furrowing their brows at one another
In their minds not a thought so vile.
For when two hearts come together
Whether slippery and dark
Or so supple and so soft
Arrows seem to always make their mark.
So before you write of the fiends of 'mares
And hide under your blanket-sheets,
Remember that they love too
And eat popcorn together in movie-seats.
(except that popcorn might be made of the bones of your uncle or something.)
:icondesert-chimera:Desert-Chimera 1 5
Imagine Heaven
Imagine Heaven
I imaging that when we die, that there is something more. Conscience is not something that can be quantified thus far by any medium of science or politic, or study. It is one of the few things that even our inquisitive minds are unable to discover in exactness, where even all else has fallen to our unquenchable thirst for explanation and knowledge.
So I also imagine, that there is something beyond our wildest imagination, after that void we pass through in death is drawn back, and that perhaps the final resting place of our subconscious is not determined by anything we know as God, or by religion. I instead think that perhaps we are all wrong in our assumption of the afterlife, and the nature of our monotheistic over-mind.
I do not believe that any one religion has it right, so I have chosen one that which comes as close to what I believe is correct. If the God of Creation is as benevolent, wise, and wondrous as most religious texts claim, then I assume he/she/it, will s
:icondesert-chimera:Desert-Chimera 0 0
Astral and the Reaper (Set 2 o' 2) by Desert-Chimera Astral and the Reaper (Set 2 o' 2) :icondesert-chimera:Desert-Chimera 9 4 Fort Stewart WM Lineart WIP by Desert-Chimera Fort Stewart WM Lineart WIP :icondesert-chimera:Desert-Chimera 0 2 Astral and the Reaper (Set 1 o' 2) by Desert-Chimera Astral and the Reaper (Set 1 o' 2) :icondesert-chimera:Desert-Chimera 6 4 WIP - Astral and Tezz by Desert-Chimera WIP - Astral and Tezz :icondesert-chimera:Desert-Chimera 0 0 Fort Stewart Weather Machine by Desert-Chimera Fort Stewart Weather Machine :icondesert-chimera:Desert-Chimera 1 2 More Astral Art by Desert-Chimera More Astral Art :icondesert-chimera:Desert-Chimera 2 0 Sketch concepts for Astral Skies by Desert-Chimera Sketch concepts for Astral Skies :icondesert-chimera:Desert-Chimera 5 0
Sample of original MLP fanfic idea.
Making his way down the cold halls of the Vault, he had never felt so chilled by the air within. Warmth. Sunlight. These were things that as a Vault pony, Tezz had never experienced. Suddenly, despite his ability to persue knowlegde at his leisure within his lab, having access to any number of texts and materials, Tezzarone La'Coil found himself longing for more than labcoats and beakers.
Picking up his pace, the midnight blue pony headed for the library, searching for texts on what it was like out in the world before the MegaSpell Apocalypse. Surely after ten generations, the world had returned to some semblance of pre-pony Equestria! Tezz began to run, excited to see what could possibly await him, turning down hallways, dashing up stairwells, and-
Tezz came to a sudden stop as he thunderously tumbled to the ground. He was unsure what it might have been that he had bumped into, but it was most likely a box or something that someone had left laying around. Sometimes ponies could be so
:icondesert-chimera:Desert-Chimera 1 0



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Loneliness is only lonely when you have not yet accepted that you are alone.
I'm not as active on DA as I used to be, and this account is... well, it's full of people and things that I don't really do much with or talk to much anymore.

So, I've decided to move accounts. If you still want to contact me, note this account, and I'll tell you where I've decided to move to.


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